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Paolina Massidda is Principal Counsel of the Office of Public Counsel for Victims at the International Criminal Court since September 2005. She has represented applicant victims and victims participating in the proceedings before the Court in almost all situations and cases, gaining a specific experience in victims’ rights and in handling cases with high numbers of victims involved.

Lawyer since 1994, she is specialised in human rights and international humanitarian law and she holds a master on international criminal law. She practiced before national and international jurisdictions, representing inter alia victims of gender crimes and handling mass claims cases. As Legal Adviser on international humanitarian law, she worked for the International Federation of the Red Cross and the International Committee of the Red Cross. As expert she participated in several European Union programmes for training of judges in the field of human rights and international criminal law.

She joined the Court in 2003 and as jurist she was member of the drafting board for the Regulations of the Court and Chairperson of the drafting board for the Regulations of the Registry.


She has published extensively on matters related to international criminal law and the rights of victims.


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