International Drug Trafficking: Patterns and Legal Issues

International Drug Trafficking: Patterns and Legal Issues

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This Specialisation Course is designed for lawyers, in-house counsel and international legal practitioners appointed to defend clients in cases concerning illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, providing training on litigation related to transnational narcotics-related crimes and large-scale drug cases in the context of organized crime having an international profile.  The training program will be dedicated to the analysis of international and national regulations related to the subject matter, the legal tools of the competent bodies countering illicit trafficking phenomena, new trends and geopolitical perspectives in the topics, and the defence techniques in these cases with particular attention to the procedural aspects of international legal cooperation in criminal matters.

Fundamental in the proposed training modules will be visits to prominent Italian Investigative and Prosecutorial Authorities, and to competent Bar Associations, in order to learn the main themes and elements of an ethical defence, grounded on the presumption of innocence and related aspects of defence rights and the right to a fair trial, as well as the nature and scope of interactions of defence counsel with the law enforcement and judicial authorities.

The Course will tackle the following main topics:

  • International Drug Trafficking and Organised Crime;
  • International Legal Framework Related to the Fight Against Illicit Drugs Trafficking;
  • International Investigations and Prosecutions of Drug Trafficking;
  • Procedural Rights in International Investigations against Illicit Drugs Trafficking;
  • Visits to prominent Italian Investigative and Prosecutorial Authorities, and to competent Bar Associations;
  • Defence Rights and International Legal Cooperation in Criminal Matters in Cases Related to Drug Trafficking;
  • Defence Rights in Cases of Illicit Drug Trafficking;


Language of the course
The Course will be presented in English and so a high level of proficiency in English is required.


Registration Fee

  • Early Bird Registration Fee: 700 euros up until 2 months before the Course begins
  • Standard Registration Fee: 900 euros in the last 2 months prior to the Course

Application procedure and deadline:

  • Registration must be done online.
  • Registration will be limited to 100 positions.
  • Acceptance into the course will be on a “first come, first served” basis.
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