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Presentation of the Accreditation procedures:

In developing the Programme, the Siracusa Institute has worked closely with several partners including lawyers’ associations, bar associations and international criminal justice consortia.  These partnerships are fundamental in the pursuance of our joint global effort to promote defence rights and fundamental rights protection through the legal profession worldwide, and to the long-term success of the Programme.

The SII International Defence Counsel Programme represents a distinct opportunity to equip defence lawyers, in-house counsel and international jurists with the substantive knowledge, practical skills and proven techniques to advocate on behalf of their clients in international proceedings. This Programme includes training in relevant jurisprudence of international courts, procedural elements of international proceedings, and the substantive and procedural aspects of international legal cooperation in cases related to international and transnational crimes.

The Siracusa Institute is ready to engage with relevant law societies and bar associations for the accreditation of its Courses, according to their standards and procedural rules of procedure for accreditation.  To this end, unless the Institute obtains prior accreditation from the relevant society or association for a particular applicant, upon satisfactory completion of a given Course it is the responsibility of each applicant to initiate and pursue the accreditation process.  The Institute is nonetheless able to facilitate this process while requires the applicants to provide certain documents and information in accordance with this form.

The Institute is proactively liaising with a range of law societies and bar associations for the purpose of obtaining accreditation for its Courses.  In relation to its partner, the Italian Scuola Superiore dell’Avvocatura (SSA), the Institute has already received accreditation for its Courses as detailed below.


Legal Notice:

In the case of each individual applicant, the relevant bar association or law society which conducts and oversees CLE activities, and the  applicant, are responsible for initiating and pursuing the accreditation process.  The Siracusa Institute can issue an official statement to support the applicant’s request for accreditation in the English language only, but the Institute must be given reasonable advance notice and a reasonable period of time in which to issue such statements.  In any event, the Siracusa Institute cannot be held responsible for the denial of accreditation by any law society or bar association.  Such denial would not constitute an adequate basis for an applicant to cancel their registration in a Course, and/or request the reimbursement of the applicant’s registration contribution, or compensation for any other expense that the applicant may have incurred.

Upon satisfactory completion of a given Course, the Institute will issue a Certificate of Attendance to the participant.

The participant’s address, email and other relevant information also provided for the accreditation process will be stored by the Siracusa Institute for administrative purposes and will be treated in accordance with Italian Data Protection Laws.  The email and address of the participants will also be stored for the purpose of  the Institute or its partners distributing information on future Courses, events, publications and any other relevant information related to the Course/s attended by the participant unless the participant informs the Institute in writing that s/he does not wish to receive such information.


Accreditations already granted: 

Italian Scuola Superiore dell’Avvocatura (SSA)

Registration Fees

Fundamentals on Defence Rights before International Courts

  • Early Bird Registration Fee: 1.400 euros up until 1 months before the Course begins;
  • Standard Registration Fee: 1.800 euros in the last month before to the Course begins.

Specialisation Courses

  • Early Bird Registration Fee: 700 euros up until 1 month before the Course begins;
  • Standard Registration Fee: 900 euros in the last month before to the Course.

Special Discount

Partner member
    10 % discount

Young Lawyers (up to 35 years)
    10 % discount (can be added to the Partner membership discount)

Attendance to previous Courses of the same Programme for International Defence Counsel
    10 % discount (can be added to the Partner membership discount)


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