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Welcome to Siracusa!

Get a taste of Sicily and make your participation to the Defence Rights Courses an experience tout court by joining our social programs! They are a great opportunity not only to enjoy the city and to live Sicilian culture and traditions, but also to do networking with colleagues in beautiful surroundings. Make your plans and reserve your preferred programme in due time!




1. Cena della legalità - Dinner in the name of legality

The "Dinner in the name of legality" is an exceptional convivial experience that combines good food with the promotion of legality. You will have the possibility to enjoy a tasty dinner at the premises of Cooperativa Beppe Montana, which is located in Lentini (50 Km away from Siracusa) on a land confiscated to the Mafia. The menu is based on products exclusively cultivated in lands formerly belonging to the Mafia.

Who: Cooperativa Beppe Montana. Born in 2010 and dedicated to the memory of the homonymous police officer killed by the Mafia in 1985, the Cooperative is part of the broader organization Libera Terra Mediterraneo, which promotes the requalification of confiscated territories.

What: Download the Menu

Cost: 21-24 Euros per person. 


2. Boat Excursions

Visit Ortigia island and its marine caves by boat!

Who: Perla Blu Excursions 

What: See all the available excursions here

Cost: 14-35 €


3. Teatro e Museo dei Pupi Siracusa - Puppet Theatre and Museum in Siracusa 

Located in the heart of Siracusa, the "Puppet Theatre” is a traditional Sicilian marionette show born in 19th century, by combining the stories of knights with the novels of Torquato Tasso and Ludovico Ariosto. The Puppet Theatre is today recognised as celebrating puppetry which it its own art from, and part of the world's intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. The "Puppet Museum" is the first museum of its kind in Italy. Travel across time and explore the story of Sicilian puppets! Finally, if you want to enrich further your experience, do not hesitate to try one of the creative workshops which will teach you all the secrets behind the construction of puppets and the use of paper mache. 

Who: Teatro dei Pupi Siracusa

What: Watch the show, visit the museum and live Sicilian traditional culture!

Cost: For info on costs and activities, click here.

Contact Details: For info and reservations please write an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the numbers +(39) 3473810826; (+39) 0931465540


4. Sicilian Cooking Classes and Street Food Experience 

Enrich your experience in Sicily by discovering and tasting Sicilian food and by learning how to cook typical dishes! Alessia smile&food offers you this unique opportunity! Do not miss the chance to eat tasty meals and to bring with you all the secrets of Sicilian cuisine.

Who: Alessia smile&food

What: eat, discover and learn to cook Sicilian dishes

Cost: For info on costs and activities, click here

Contact Details: Tel. +39 348 1136891 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





5. Sailing around Siracusa 

Enjoy a full-day or half-day trip aboard the beautiful sailing boat ‘Mizzica’ (Beneteau Oceanis 43), explore natural reserves and untouched seabed, and snorkel in the Mediterranean sea. The boat has 4 cabins and 2 bathrooms, and is equipped with every comfort.


Who: Sailing boat ‘Mizzica’ (Beneteau Oceanis 43)

What: Sail in the Mediterranean sea

Cost:  Half-day € 35,00 per person (minimum 3 persons); full day € 60,00 per person (minimum 4 persons - lunch not included). For further info, contact Giuseppe Petrolito

Contact Details: Tel. and Whatsapp +39 340 818 7355  (Giuseppe Petrolito)


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